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Given the increasing population, strong economy, low tax policy, and tremendous potential, South Florida, has become one of the hottest spots for real estate developers and investors.

The fourth largest GDP and the third largest population in the United States, Florida has become in just a few years the leading destination for national capital.
Since 2005, more than 2.5 million people have moved to Florida (first destination in number of moves ahead of Texas).
Forbes has ranked Orlando the number one focus of real estate investment, and the occupancy in Palm Beach, Tampa, and Orlando are at their highest level in 10 years.
Miami is the eighth city in the US in 2020 in terms of venture capital activity, with $1.3 billion raised by the city’s start-ups
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South Florida’s Booming Real Estate Market

Investing in Commercial Real Estate within The South Florida Market

Real estate investment is an attractive alternative for those who are discouraged by the volatility of the stock market or who want to take more of an active role in growing their capital.
With Astor, you have access to a private commercial real estate portfolio which was once only available to institutional investors. Our strong, private commercial real estate network provides the unique opportunity to be a local investor—nationwide.
Astor provides highly structured, institutional-grade due diligence process that includes legal consultants, construction professionals, and comprehensive market analysis. Best-in-class procedures to carefully ensure a detailed understanding of each opportunity presented, and to identify and mitigate all risk.

Astor’s investments are 506(c) and are for accredited investors only

About Astor Realty Capital

Astor Realty Capital is institutionally backed and tested by capital from a publicly traded company and over 120 high net worth investors to date.

Our mission is to invest smart capital in high quality real estate ventures with relatively short durations of 2 to 4 years for the growth and preservation of our investors capital.

To date, Astor participates in over 3.4 million sf and $2 billion of high quality real estate ventures in 12 sub markets with above average net returns to our investors in the low 20’s% percent annually*