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Astor Realty Capital is an institutionally backed, private equity, real estate firm investing equity in ground-up and value add projects across major U.S markets

Astor has offices in Manhattan, Miami, and Phoenix and 65 years of collective principal experience based on integrity, deep market knowledge, and a solid track record. 

Astor has participated in over 3.65 million square feet of real estate projects valued in excess of $2.27 Billion and growing.

$ 2.36 B
In Real Estate Assets
$ 100 M
Capital Management
3.65 M
Square Feet
Investment Opportunity Coming Soon!

16.3%-18.0% Projected Annually – Preferred Equity with Current Pay

49-Unit Ground-Up Affordable Rental Brooklyn, NYC
Addressing a significant market gap, this investment taps into the urgent need for affordable housing in NYC, providing a secure and high-demand investment!

*506C Opportunity Available to Accredited Investors Only. Any historical returns, expected returns, or probability projections may not reflect actual future performance. All securities involve risk and may result in significant losses.


Managing risk & achieving high yields

Highly structured, institutional-grade due diligence process
In-house asset management team tracks and monitors construction and renovation progress and ensures projects are meeting deadlines and budgets.
Monthly progress reports, quarterly mark-to-market reports, and annual audits are implemented to minimize costly mistakes and offer intel to support major decisions throughout the investment life cycle.

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We’ve built an investment platform based on iron-clad principles; preservation of capital, transparency, and risk management

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