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August, 17 2023

Pathways to Prosperity: Investing for Success: How to Align Your Investment Strategy with Your Goals

Are you ready to create a legacy of financial security for yourself and your future generations? In our latest podcast episode, we delve into the world of strategic real estate investment with Marika Dzhindzhikashvili, COO of Astor Realty Capital, and Joe Berko, the visionary CEO behind Astor Realty…

July, 14 2023

Unlock Joe Berko’s Expert Strategies for Thriving in Turbulent Markets on DiscoverCRE Podcast

Joe Berko, the CEO of Astor Realty Capital, is a featured guest on the highly acclaimed DiscoverCRE Podcast. With his extensive experience and a remarkable $2.2 billion real estate portfolio, Joe Berko has not only weathered market downturns but emerged stronger than ever. In this exclusive episode…

June, 27 2023

2023 Ones to Watch Industry Leaders: Marika Dzhindzhikashvili, Astor Realty Capital

Astor is proud to announce that Marika Dzhindzhikashvili, our COO, has been awarded the prestigious title of NYREJ Industry Leader in the 2023 Ones to Watch list. This annual spotlight by NYREJ celebrates the accomplishments, challenges, advice, and other key insights from individuals who are shaping…

June, 1 2023

Unlock the Power of Listening: Joe Berko & Whitney on The Real Estate Syndication Show

May, 16 2023

The Dollar’s Depreciation And The Real Estate Impact

Anyone who has changed money or compared forex rates recently will have noticed that the dollar has depreciated. As the world’s reserve currency, the state of the dollar affects the global economy and, bearing in mind the $31.5 trillion of public debt, any likely trouble for the dollar could be a…

May, 4 2023

Episode #2 – Wealth Management Strategies with Astor: Expert Tips from Top Financial Advisor

In this webinar hosted by Astor Realty Capital, we bring you valuable insights on wealth management strategies from a top-ranked financial advisor, Jason Fial of Wilde Wealth Management. Jason discusses investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and more. Learn how to navigate the current…

March, 17 2023

Rescue Capital: Staying Afloat Amid Uncertainty in the Real Estate Market

Written by Joe Berko, CEO & Founder Astor Realty CapitalPublished Mar 06, 2023,   As we move into 2023, market uncertainty and economic jitters are fueling a wave of distressed real estate transactions. While familiar debt-workout scenarios such as bankruptcies and…

March, 14 2023

Episode #1 – Take your wealth-building plan up a notch!

Astor Realty Capital and CamaPlan joined forces for an exclusive webinar! On Tuesday, March 14th, at 5:30pmET Marika Dzhindzhikhashvili, Astor’s COO spoke with William Mucker of Camaplan about alternative investment options that you can use to maximize returns, along with strategies and tips to help…

February, 20 2023

Joe Berko, Astor’s CEO & Co-Founder, shares his insights on the evolving landscape of the commercial real estate market.

The economic climate is changing rapidly, and it can be difficult to understand the direction in which we should invest our business energy. Were one to look at the 2023 outlooks provided by several thought leaders in the market, a neat conclusion would be difficult. ●          According…