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2023 Ones to Watch Industry Leaders: Marika Dzhindzhikashvili, Astor Realty Capital

June, 27 2023

Astor is proud to announce that Marika Dzhindzhikashvili, our COO, has been awarded the prestigious title of NYREJ Industry Leader in the 2023 Ones to Watch list. This annual spotlight by NYREJ celebrates the accomplishments, challenges, advice, and other key insights from individuals who are shaping the future of the commercial real estate industry.

We are thrilled to share an insightful article featuring Marika, who has been recognized for her exceptional leadership and contributions to the field. The article delves into Marika’s experiences and strategies as COO of Astor, discussing her thoughts on the best resources for aspiring leaders and emphasizing the importance of LinkedIn as a platform for professional growth.

When asked for her best advice for new leaders in 10 words or less, Marika emphasizes the importance of staying ahead of market trends for a competitive edge. She recommends reading news articles about current economic events and real estate in major US markets using LinkedIn as the go-to source.

This recognition is a testament to Marika’s dedication, hard work, and passion for innovation in the commercial real estate industry. Don’t miss out on this inspiring article as Marika shares her journey and valuable insights that can benefit both seasoned and aspiring leaders in the field.

2023 Ones to Watch Industry Leaders: Marika Dzhindzhikashvili, Astor Realty Capital

Best book, podcast, or app for aspiring leaders: LinkedIn has become my go-to platform for professional growth as an aspiring leader by following industry experts and learning from their insights.

What was one of your biggest challenges as a leader and how did you overcome it? As the COO of a private equity real estate company I can face a variety of challenges, such as managing multiple projects, working with international investors, and ensuring operational efficiency. To overcome these challenges, I focus on building a talented team, implementing efficient processes and procedures, and maintaining clear and open communications with all. It is also important to stay up to date with industry trends and regulations, and continuously adapt to changing market conditions.

3 skills that you use every day in your position: Leadership skills ( As the COO of Astor, I make it a priority to practice leadership with my team and our entire operation.) I schedule multiple weekly meetings to strategize the efficiency of our team and organizational operations. As a leader, it’s important to consistently motivate and keep your team focused on the growth of the company.

In my position, I use communication skills as one of my most important tools. Having direct interaction and creating synergy with the CEO of our company, C-level managers, and all our business partners is essential for our company. Powerful and clear communication defines objectives as well as the goals for achieving the path of growth.

Time management is an extremely vital skill to have and master. Without this skill, there will be no balance and ability to prioritize what is important each day, and what area of the business requires more attention.

I use time management between my work and personal life, delegating tasks according to the value of work, and simply analyzing each day what area of the company needs attention more attention.

Best advice for new leaders in 10 words or less:

Read news articles every day about current economic events, then move on to the articles about the subject of real estate in major US markets. (I use LinkedIn as my go-to for all information.) “Being ahead of market trends is a major competitive advantage.”

What recent project, transaction, or accomplishment are you most proud of?

I’m immensely proud of our recent venture into Phoenix’s hospitality market with the 265-key Caesar Republic, the first non-gaming Caesars brand in the US. Astor astutely identified market trends and formed a strategic partnership in Scottsdale, next to the esteemed Fashion Square Mall. Overcoming challenges in navigating a new market, we secured an exceptional transaction and a lasting partnership, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to innovation and collaboration.

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