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Unlocking Access to a Diverse Range of Investment Opportunities


At Astor Realty Capital, our dedicated Investments Team scours the nation in pursuit of extraordinary real estate projects led by seasoned development teams. We understand that the world of real estate investments does not adhere to a one-size-fits-all model. Therefore, we are committed to presenting a spectrum of high-quality options while upholding an exacting selection process, ensuring that we provide you with only the most attractive risk-adjusted opportunities.

Astor’s Annual Deal Flow

The foundation of our review process is built upon rigor and transparency. Our team of experienced real estate professionals conducts a comprehensive evaluation of both sponsors and investment projects. Furthermore, we share our detailed checklist and due diligence for each offering, empowering investors with an insight into the meticulous vetting we’ve undertaken.

700 +
Projects Reviewed Annually
$ 3 Billion
Approximate Annual Deal Volume Reviewed
98.4 %
of Opportunities Don’t Pass Initial Screening


Astor Realty Capital’s affiliated entity, Berko & Associates, is a leading commercial real estate advisory firm headquartered in NYC. The firm provides comprehensive investment sales and capital markets services that bolsters our deal flow significantly.

Contributions from a dedicated team of 15+ investment sales professionals.
Involvement from our capital partners.
Referrals stemming from long-standing relationships with lenders, developers, and operators.


Astor employs a meticulous internal underwriting process, committee review, and due diligence checklist that leaves no stone unturned in evaluating every vital aspect of a project. Our team conducts an objective assessment of each sponsor partner. Additionally, we insist on meeting potential partners at their office to create a mutually beneficial working relationship. This exhaustive examination ensures that we only introduce top-tier offerings from reputable and experienced operators to our investors.

Our in-depth background checks on sponsors and their principals employ third-party vendors and technology. Additionally, we conduct sample reporting reviews to ensure alignment with investor expectations. Our track record review scrutinizes sponsors’ past performance in executing similar business plans related to their proposed offerings, factoring in asset type, size, investment profile, and project location.

Business plan assessment
Pro forma analysis, sensitivity analysis and stress tests
Fallback and alternative exit scenario evaluation
Project financing examination, cost verification and benchmarking
Sponsor’s extensive experience scrutiny
Background checks conducted by third-party entities and Astor’s own bank and past investor reference verification
Project team assessment, including the general contractor and relevant subcontractors, architects, and engineers
Market intelligence analysis
Legal checks by independent third parties


Astor conducts a thorough review of documentation from sponsors and third-party sources to validate assumptions in the business plan, providing investors with a comprehensive view of each deal’s potential rewards and risks. This ensures that investors have clarity and visibility regarding investment opportunities.

We employ a scoring system for characteristics including location, market quality, risk factors, risk-adjusted returns, sponsor credit and financial capacity, sponsor character and reputation, development track record, and recent similar projects completed, with a total score ranging from 8 to 80.

Key materials reviewed encompass, but are not limited to:

Financial models and pro forma
Market, rent, and sales comparables
Legal and loan documents
Rent roll and historical financials
Offering memorandum


*506C Opportunity Available to Accredited Investors Only. Any historical returns, expected returns, or probability projections may not reflect actual future performance. All securities involve risk and may result in significant losses.