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December, 21 2022

How to set 2023 goals for a strong year of real estate investing!

As 2023 begins, it’s a perfect time to take stock of your financial progress over the past year. By assessing what you have achieved financially and identifying areas for growth, you can make strategic investments that will drive even greater gains forward. Now is an opportune moment to refine your goals…

November, 21 2022

Astor’s insights for real estate investing – Central Florida’s Industrial Market

Low Vacancy, New Development, Rent Growth Reflect Industrial Demand in Orlando Industrial real estate has been the standout sector in real estate for close to a decade!As one of the hottest commodities for investors, industrial has seen the largest gains in terms of both rents and asset prices…

November, 7 2022

CEO Joe Berko, summarizes our portfolio performance and talks market conditions in Q3 of 2022

Q3 2022 LETTER TO OUR INVESTORS Dear Friends, Investors and Partners, Thank you for your continued trust in Astor’s operation. As we are in an advanced stage of a softening economy, this report will shed light on the impact of inflation, interest rates, supply chain, and labor markets and the…

July, 25 2022

How To Determine If You’re an Accredited Investor

How To Determine If You’re an Accredited Investor Being an accredited investor gives you access to investment opportunities that are not available to all retail investors. While the risk can be higher, so is the reward – aligning sophisticated investors with attractive investment opportunities. Many…

July, 1 2022

Now Is The Time To Invest In Cold Storage Facilities

June 2022 Written by Michael Korine Co-Founder & CFO Astor Realty Capital The industrial real estate market has been growing and accelerating rapidly in the past few years, and the global pandemic has only highlighted its resilience. Against that backdrop, cold storage is emerging as a new favorite among…