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Investment Opportunity

Astor Realty Capital has partnered with “Redhoek+Partners” on our third mutual Brooklyn project to construct a luxury, boutique residential condo building located 356-364 Avenue U in the heart of Gravesend neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY.

Initial plans are for 12 units, which will be elegantly designed with high-quality finishes and are exceptionally large specifically to meet the needs of the area’s affluent community who are seeking family-size units and walking distance to houses of worship. Residents will also benefit from proximity to the neighborhood’s specialized private schools, kosher restaurants, and specialty retail stores.

356-364 Avenue U is a unique opportunity to offer an under-served captive market with high-demand, quality apartments.

Why Astor Likes The Deal

Seasoned Developer with Successful Track Record with Astor

Underserved Highly Affluent Community, Resilient to External Economic Conditions

Very Limited Supply & Strong Demand

25.08 %
Targeted Annual IRR
81.51 %
Targeted Net Return
Month Term
$ 50,000
Minimum Investment

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